How The Candy Cane Got Its Stripes: The Musical

The whimsical & heart-warming story starring the stripedly-challenged Cane & his frosty friend Snoey has been turned into a kid's play or musical! If you are a teacher, librarian or drama teacher interested to find out more about this wonderful script (with sheet music or soundtrack), please reach out. We'd love to share this story with audiences young & not-so-young everywhere!

  • 31 characters, 14* speaking roles (*could be doubled up since some only have a couple lines)

  • non-gender or ethnic specific

  • non-religious

  • 4 original songs (songs have been recorded & sheet music available). NOTE: play can be performed without music & won't lose anything in the story

  • musical: 20 pages  play: 16 pages

Upon request I'd be happy to email you a sample for your consideration.


Joseph Buttler, composer/musician/singer

Well known by kids for his recurring role as the mean history teacher, Mr. Stern, on Nickelodeon's "iCarly," Joseph is actually an all around nice guy who also composes and plays music as leader of the rockabilly band, The Stardust Ramblers. You can hear more of his music here:


Scott Casperson, lyricist

Never claiming to be amongst the ranks of his idols Tom Petty, Neil Finn nor Jimmy Buffet, Scott did have a pretty good time capturing the emotions of his book into song. Hope you'll sing along!