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Aah! Eek! YEEOW! Sometimes even small distances can produce big adventures. Brad experiences one as he encounters more than expected roaming his house at night for a simple glass of water.

This is simple & fun story to show a way for overcoming a child's fears or worries. At bookstores & Amazon.

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Illustrator - Nikolett Timar

As a young girl, Nikolett couldn’t even hold the pencil and paper in her small hands properly. But they immediately became inseparable friends. At the age of 7, Nikolett created her first comic series about a Penguin who went on adventures. She sold these comics to her classmates and family members. From the money she made she bought new colored pencils, crayons, and sketchbooks. Nikolett mainly works digitally now but whenever she can she goes back to pencil and paper.


Author - Scott Casperson

Since the beginning Scott has thrown words at anybody who'd listen or read just to get attention. Whether handmade sappy Mother's Day cards or smart-mouthed answers in class, if there was a chance for an audience then there was a chance to express himself. He's never outgrown this as his growing library of tales, left voice mails & lengthy work emails all prove.

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