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Strange things are appearing around Marlowe's home. Has it been taken over by monsters?! 
Roam around with her as she learns about the power of helping those whose lives are in change.
Room For One More.png
This whimsically illustrated & kindly worded children's picture book is just what these times calls for. After all, an opened home is an opened heart. At bookstores & Amazon.

Noel Tuazon

Illustrator - Noel lives in Toronto where he revises storyboards at Nelvana Enterprises, an animation studio.  He’s also managed to find time to illustrate graphic novels and children’s books.  These include “Tumor” & “Elk’s Run” (by Joshua Hale Fialkov), Eric Hobbs’ “The Broadcast” along with Jane Whittingham’s children’s books, “Wild One” & “A Good Day For Ducks”.


Scott Casperson

Author - Words don't drive stories: experiences do. And this one's no exception. Scott was lucky to have two dear friends, Alex & Clark, who let him take over their couch for much longer than all expected. And from that act of generosity came this tale. May you too find some little way to help another person in need. Paying it forward is paying it back.

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